"Interaction" at Burnet Gallery

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Burnet Gallery

January 12th - February 24th, 2013

An exhibition featuring select Minneapolis College of Art and Design MFA students and their mentors.

Reciprocal Action, Effect, or Influence

MINNEAPOLIS – Interaction: [in-ter-ak-shuhn], the new show opening at Burnet Gallery, explores the unique relationship between MCAD artist/mentors and their mentees. “The connection between the mentor and the student artist is a special partnership,” said Jennifer Phelps, Burnet Gallery art director. “We wanted to put the spotlight on this bond. 

Any submission from second year MCAD MFA students and their mentors was considered so long as each person was represented. The works could be similar or dissimilar, depending on applicants’ own practices, and the mentor and mentee could work together or separately on submitted pieces based on their practices, explained Phelps.

Participating students and their mentors include: 
Kara Andree/Dani Wagner,
Allen Brewer/Zach Collins
Betsy Byers/Ashely Peifer
Frenchy Lunning/Kang Xu
George Mahoney/Beata Fleishmann
Piotr Szyhalski/John Keston
Jody Williams/Kate Thomas. 

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Master of Fine Arts program is based on a mentor-style approach where students select a mentor from a list of MCAD Faculty and professional area artists, work one-on-one with their mentors discussing their goals as an artist, and develop strategies in studio art and liberal studies seminars to meet their best needs. 

Work by   Betsy Byers/Ashely Peifer

Work by 

Betsy Byers/Ashely Peifer